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Imagine if you could combine the trustworthiness and reliability of tried and tested methods with the innovation and advancement of modernity? Well, you can. New systems that are built upon old, tried, and tested systems abound in our modern society. One such example is the compound, tadalafil in the UK and EU. This medication is an example of a new system built on an old one.

You see, tadalafil is a compound that is used in the treatment of mild to severe erectile dysfunction (ED). Chemically, it is very similar to sildenafil citrate- the active compound in the well-known Viagra tablets.  Sildenafil is old technology. Over the last 20 years it has proven itself to be an extremely effective treatment against mild to severe ED.  But if sildenafil is so good, then why not use Viagra?

Well, because sildenafil is still old technology. There are newer, improved versions. That would be tadalafil in the UK. Like sildenafil, this compound combats your impotence by inhibiting the production of the PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) enzyme. Unlike sildenafil, however, this novel compound will be able to keep your ED symptoms at bay for up to a whopping thirty-six hours.

Use Bitcoin When Shopping for Tadalafil Online

Online shopping has changed the world of commerce forever. With the internet and e-commerce infrastructure at the level that it currently is today, we essentially carry around the world’s biggest mall in our pockets. With the simple swipe of your smartphone you can browse from a selection of thousands of goods. When perusing this virtual mega mall, be sure to use Bitcoin to pay for orders.

Bitcoin is an enormously safe digital form of money that has become the de facto currency of the internet. By using Bitcoin to buy tadalafil in the UK or EU online, you can be sure that you are following the best practices for security. Ordering online with Bitcoin may also bag you some exclusive discounts or complementary medication.

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